A couple of weekends ago it was Baby Chillikebab’s first birthday, so we had a party. We baked a stupidly big cake, which Baby Chillikebab wasn’t allowed to have.

We also supplied cold drinks to the guests (well, the adult ones at least), so in the morning I set out to get ice.

It was a very hot weekend, with temperatures well over 3oC. Finding somewhere that still had ice was surprisingly hard, especially as the bottlo was not open at that time on a Sunday morning. Eventually I found a garage that had some, and then had that dilemma about how much to buy. I ummed and ahhed, and eventually got four bags. I knew this was going to be too much, but part of me just wanted to load up the Radish with loads of ice.

Each bag weighs 5kg, so there was a bit of weight – and my loading was not very even, as I didn’t want to crush, freeze or moisten the bread rolls I bought from the baker. They also clonked and moved around rather as I rode along; it was all rather reminiscent of having a passenger. Still, I got home fine, and am now able to add ’20 litres of water’ to the list of things I have carried on the Radish.

I did buy too much ice, by the way. One bag went completely unused. I also bought too many bread rolls. Such is life.

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Comment by PeterT on March 2, 2011 at 7:47pm

lots of ice and dough.

Sounds like a genuine racket you are running there.


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