Last Friday was my last day at work in this office. It started off nicely. Despite it being 6.15am and about 5 deg C outside, there were heaps riding on the Epping Rd/Gore Hill path, even more than summer it seemed. What's the story?

It being the last day, you get an exit interview, so you can complain about anything, so I complained about the lack of a bike subsidy. There's free public transport tickets (value $1920). There are 2 (presumably really expensive) external car parks, and even a shuttle bus (one leg is between the office and Macquarie centre, which is honestly 100m away).

Funnily the HR lady was the same one, who during the office relocation Q&A session, stared at me blankly when I'd put forward the suggestion previously. "What about people who have to pick up children? They can't ride a bike.", she offered, placing her experience over what anyone else might want. I answered "It's not for everyone" and listed off some benefits. We are a "green" company but we subsidise fossil fueled transport only. I suppose we're mainly green when it comes to selling our stuff.

In the car vs bike stakes, after our recent office move to here, it's bikes +2, and cars minus a couple of hundred, as parking is heavily restricted. I recruited one rider (who's bike was half eaten by a car). But the other, a bike hater, discovered the fastest way here from Turramurra is straight across the Lane Cove NP. The water was half way up his wheels crossing the creek recently, he said. So, now he's even starting to sound like a cyclist.

On the way to the lift, one fellow commented on the bike commute.He lives at Lane Cove, and drives to the Shrimpton Creek bike path, then cycles the last 2km. I informed him the Epping Rd path goes all the way. Looks like we've made one last sale, with 5mins before the final buzzer. Nice.

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Comment by dr bean on June 17, 2011 at 3:50pm

You're a born salesman, Ed. I hope this is where your next job is taking you? :-)

Good luck with it!

Comment by Colin on June 17, 2011 at 3:59pm
Nice one Ted, and bon voyage!
Comment by Neil Alexander on June 18, 2011 at 10:16am

Nice salesmanship, indeed, but note that Ted has very carefully not said what he is going to be doing from now on.

No doubt this is so as not to turn the rest of us green (and I am not referring to environmentalism).

Comment by Edward Re on June 26, 2011 at 10:22pm

I'm not saying where yet, until I get there! It's going to be nice.

I'm not in sales, but I am a salesman when it comes to pushing my transport.

I'm not saying where yet, until I get there! It's going to be nice.


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