New Environment Show - putting progressive city planning and peak oil experts on air to push the cause

The Environment Show is a strong advocate of cycling - due to the many benefits you guys already know about - health, climate, oil, congestion and making Sydney a better place to live. Where we can, we'll do our bit (to try to bring common sense to bare.)

We're putting to air an interview with Jan Gehl on city planning on 3rd July (this Thursday) and with experts on peak oil on the 10th July. You can listen to audio on-demand from our blog and we podcast through itunes. (We've been the number 1 environmental podcast on itunes in Australia this year and number 14 in the U.S.)

If you're not social networked out, check out the new Environment Show Community (on ning too.) We’ve set up blogs, forums, events and photos. You can promote your stuff. And there's links to environmental news, films, leaders and jobs.

Catch you on the road. (Actually, you'll probably be catching, and passing, me.)


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