I ride to La Perouse via Randwick and Maroubra Beach regularly with LBUG and others, coming back via Denison and Banks Sts and always enjoy the run but there are a few places that bug me along the way, so I decided to email Randwick Council with a photo of the offending places. I figure you might as well point out problems and hazards you observe to Councils because, you never know, they might fix them and make your next ride better, or some other cyclists will benefit. And it helps to get it off your chest anyway.

The first was the roundabout at the T intersection on Todman Av, which has a cycle lane leading up to it which stops just before the roundabout and directs you smack into the kerb. It would be easy enough to install a bike bypass on the grassy area to the left. Then there is the pedestrian refuge in Malabar Rd which juts out into the nice green cycle lane recently put in, forming a nasty squeeze point, on a left bend too. And on the return trip there is a series of bumpy brick road humps along Banks St, where the bricks have come loose or have sunk into the road surface.

Today I got a phone call from the Randwick Transport Planner saying she had just got the job and was getting into all the cycling issues. She agreed the problems I raised had some merit and she would see if she could get them addressed. Not only that, the Banks St humps were actually in Botany Council area, so she would contact them and pass on my concerns.

With more staff like that on Councils we could get a lot done. Hope Botany is as responsive. I didnt catch her name but many thanks- brightened up my day. Got me in a good mood for the Leichhardt BAC tonight, which went quite well. I was pleased to see Eleana at the meeting, from Bike Sydney. Leichhardt also has a new transport planner- first in a while, the previous guy got dispirited and left. The new man used to work for South Sydney and has had some experience of bikie plans here and overseas. Council has $400,000 to spend on bikes and is getting on with the 3rd year works in the Bike Plan, which must be a record for maintaining enthusiasm. Just need the RTA to come good with works on their roads in the area, like improving crossing points on the City West Link and on Victoria Rd, dropping their objections to bike lanes in Johnston St, approving advanced storage boxes and actually giving the Council some matching funding for a change- gave a measly $30,000 last year.

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Comment by Elaena on February 11, 2010 at 4:10pm
It was a good meeting Bob. BIKESydney is going to have a look at the level of RTA 50/50 funding over the last five years or so. In your experience, does that seem like a reasonable timeframe to look at?
Comment by Ed on February 12, 2010 at 10:10am
Todman av is becoming quite a highway for bicycle users. Great to see.

What's the nearest cross-street to that Malabar pedestrian refuge?

Thanks for making us aware of these conditions Bob - I know start recognising more of them and should also log them.
Comment by Bob Moore on February 12, 2010 at 3:18pm
Ed, its at Nymboida St. Heading north on Malabar Rd. Its on a left bend and cars tend to cut the corner into the green lane and the ped refuge kerb extension in turn cuts into the green lane, making it very tight. The kerb extension is too big, needs to be cut back by about a metre.
Can see it on Google SV at


Eleana, that would be good, I suppose 5 years would be about right. The RTA policy was to not give "rich" councils much, to encourage them to find their own bike budgets, which is fair in a way, but does depend on who is considered rich. Brad D I am sure would fill you in on the thinking.
Comment by Ed on February 12, 2010 at 7:18pm
Cheers for the map link. Drivers are often looking at other cars coming down that hill on the left - wondering if they'll slow down or not.


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