I used to belt down Sydney Road to Manly but I began to get the dreaded speed wobbles - frightened the crap out of me. Tried clamping my knees to the top tube - made it worse. Light hands on the bars - who writes this crap, the wobbles were so bad you simply hung on for dear life. Who else has had this problem and what did they do to control it?

I experimented with it until I found that if I got my bottom of the seat and lay down as flat as possible the wobbles stopped almost instantly.

Saw a you tube video today "Murray Walker talks about Wobble and Weave on Motorbikes". Every bike and rider has its own harmonic at which wobble will occur though it can be exacerbated by tires, air pressures and high centre of gravity. If, or should I say when wobble happens you get off the seat and get low because you quickly change the harmonic of the combined rider and bike and goodbye wobbles. That's my best guess.

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Comment by Half on December 20, 2013 at 8:31am
Same thing happened to me a few times on my wilier road bike. I looked it all up, tried these very same strategies. The third time it happened, I just thought "enough". This is not fun, and the thought in the back of your head that you may get the wobbles at 70-80kph is self-reinforcing in that you tighten your grip on the bars increasing tension through the bike and the likelihood it will happen again. Bugger that. Bought another brand which had a reputation amongst friends as a great descender. True enough. Confidence restored and enjoying the descents again.
Comment by markysharky on December 21, 2013 at 6:37pm

Had the speed wobbles on a K Z1000 custom over 173KPH heading to Coomba many many years ago. Just could not press on.  After careful analysis, the back tyre was removed and seated perfectly. Problem sorted. Ran it to the limit on the return trip. ? Needless to say I am happy pottering around on the pushy(s) these days. Check that tyres are perfectly beaded/straight on the rim. Quality wheels make a difference when it counts

Comment by Margo on March 23, 2014 at 10:19pm
I had a 'wobble' problem on a bicycle I bought second hand, history unknown. I used to notice it at about 35km/hr on hills as small as the Anzac Bridge. ( I know it's not actually a hill). I took the bike to the wonderful mechanic at Ashfield Cycles and he found a small crack in the head stem! Had I not had it checked I might have flown off the bike, so take it seriously, if the problem hasn't been resolved. Actually, I'm not sure if you were on a bicycle or motorbike?


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