Save Flat Rock Gully - for active transport, bushland and open space

Hoping for a big turnout to tonight's meeting at the Artarmon Community Hall (old Uniting Church in Artarmon Rd) about the Northern Beaches Tunnel plans.

Details are:
Wednesday 17th October the Artarmon Progress Association is hosting Doug Parris, Program Director for the Beaches Tunnel Link and Western Harbour Tunnel at our public information meeting, 7:45pm at the Artarmon Community Hall. Here you have an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

I think this project is flawed at every level but I'm particularly sad about what's happening to local bushland. It's proposed to have one of its main tunnelling sites in Bicentennial Reserve in Flat Rock Gully, destroying 2.5 hectares of bush, rehabilitated by some 30 years of mostly volunteer effort, that contributes to a very significant green corridor and much loved and appreciated open space. The area to be destroyed has wildlife, wetlands, indigenous and European heritage value. For the substantial surrounding population, it's a hub of walking and cycling connections and critical space to relax and revitalise. I've attached some pics of a recent stroll I did through here down to Middle Harbour.

RMS offered 2 options for this tunnelling site, Option A being the Baseball Diamond west of Flat Rock Drive and Option B being the bush east of Flat Rock Drive. Willoughby Council vetoed the Baseball Diamond, based I'm told on the money they put into it and the money they get from the baseball clubs, and has voted instead to give up the bush.

The No Tunnel alternative is being pushed fiercely by I agree that, instead of perpetuating fossil-fuel based activities that have negative long-term public impacts and leave legacies of wasteland with uncertain prospects of rehabilitation, we could and should be putting the effort, planning and dollars into smart, renewable-powered alternatives.

If this project proceeds though, as Westconnex has despite community outrage and opposition, I would also like to know more about a No Dive Site in Bicentennial Reserve option. Could the tunnelling not be done from their other work sites, in particular the one bordering Artarmon Industrial Area? It feels like a political ploy and a distraction to have a Council and community at odds over whether to sacrifice a sports ground or its bushland.

For further detail and and to make comments via an interactive map, please go to…/western-harbour-tun…/index.html

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