Yes, I guess I was being over optimistic expecting to see anyone on the road yesterday morning.

Still, I confirmed previous research into my theory that cycling on Christmas morning is unpopular because all the coffee shops are closed. (Well, the ones on the north side, certainly. Nick and Nomes seem to be trying to disprove my theory on the south dark side.)

In an 85km ride, I saw only 55 other cyclists (actually there were more but I am not including the Northern Suburbs Club peloton which was too big and too fast to count as it headed the other way on Pacific Hwy).

It's not as if I was cycling on an unpopular route. On an ordinary weekend morning, numbers would be in the hundreds on most routes I ride. The first 20 ordinary riders were all in ones and twos on Bobbin Head Rd in Turramurra and Ku-ring-gai Chase Rd on the way out of the National Park.

My plan on leaving home had been to do the Three Gorges route -- Bobbin Head, Berowra Waters, Galston Gorge -- but I amended this, randomly, to just one-and-a-half gorges, twice. I turned around at the Berowra Waters Ferry and went back the way I had come.

It was still a gorgeous ride and going back through Bobbo allowed me to bask again in the radiance of the dazzling flannel flowers growing in innumerable clumps at the road's edge on the Mt Colah climb. Christmas bush and earthy red trunks of angophoras which had just shrugged off their grey winter coats gave the otherwise green bush a festive feel.

Even the motor traffic, what there was of it before 10am, was kind and considerate which put me in a relaxed and mellow mood. This mood was somewhat spoiled when I noticed what an abomination the RTA has perpetrated at the Burns Rd/Bobbin Head Rd intersection, removing all bicycle operating space which previously existed. But I will not get upset about that now. Mellowness and relaxation will prevail at least until New Year.

I hope everyone else had a good Christmas doing whatever you were doing instead of riding yesterday morning!

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Comment by Dan on December 26, 2010 at 9:02am

Nice ride! I would have liked to go out for a ride, but there was lots of Xmas skyping, present opening and excited babies to attend to.


However, I do intend to get out for at least one 'leisure' ride this holiday. I just need to negotiate the time with Mrs Dan. Watsons Bay on the fixie is kind of traditional for this time of year, so perhaps I'll make it out there over the next couple of days...

Comment by Will Wassell on December 26, 2010 at 2:07pm
I did a run out to homebush from rozelle, more to say i'd done something with my christmas day than anything else. I didn't see another bike until i got to Homebush, where there seemed to be a whole flock of kiddies and parents with shiny new treadlies. Good to see. must say that all the motorists i encountered seemed chilled and full of the spirit of the season, I even got a couple of friendly waves.
Comment by PeterT on December 26, 2010 at 3:41pm

Nver done that ride, 'gorges' points to a promise of much pain... did a leisurely 20km along Cooks Cycleway today - very quiet in terms of cyclists, people and, even crossing the various roads were relatively clear.

Comment by naomi on December 27, 2010 at 7:22am

And where is the dorky photo to prove it?

Sounds lovely - doing the gorges on Christmas Day really would be special. I definitely saw more cyclists doing the eastern suburbs loop last year. I love it - cars are either absent or very friendly (until the mid-morning rush to the relatives sets in). Best way to start the day and build up stamina for the subsequent feasting!

Comment by Neil Alexander on January 2, 2011 at 8:37am

In 70km of "research" this morning I completely lost count of the number of other cyclists before I was even half way to Church Point, though the only other cyclist on Awaba St was cheating. (Well, to be fair, he may have just been descending before turning around to set a record for the climb. I didn't wait to find out.)

And the reason for all this early Sunday cycling activity? Yes, the cafes were open and most were full of "cyclists".

I rest my case.

Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on January 2, 2011 at 9:07am


I actually thought the widening of the Bobbin Head Road/Burns Road intersection improved my safety when I rode through it a fortnight ago.  I need to return to Turramurra after riding Bobbin head  and now I feel a lot more comfortable turning right there than with the previous intersection.  In fact, I think we now have a right turn arrow, rather than just being forced to push ourselves between oncoming cars.

Admittedly, none of the intersection improvement is meant for bikes, but I just thought it made it safer to ride it now.................


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