We flew out of Brisbane on Thursday morning and into Adelaide, and it appeared that we'd brought our weather with us. Neil Finn would be proud!


After buying a couple of umbrellas Miles and I set out for a walk into the city. First stop, the very excellent Bicycle Express in the Adelaide CBD to organise a loaner bike for Miles (in case a certain opportunity comes up). If you ever need a bike or any bits and pieces in Adelaide check this shop out, it's great and they are very friendly.


After wandering around the city for a while we caught up with Gus and Wombat from Adelaide Cyclists at the vintage bicycle exhibition in the Hilton. The exhibition is a lovely collection of vintage bikes and racing paraphernalia in the lobby of the hotel where all the teams are staying (so there's a constant stream of pro riders and team staff going past).


Miles was suitably enthralled with it all and walked around capturing all he could!



His favourite was a miniature replica bike.



After we left the exhibition we stepped outside and we were about to cross the road when we spotted Mark Cavendish and some of the HTC team heading back to the hotel after a training ride. 


Cav was gracious enough to stop and have a little chat and made time for a couple of photos! So by the end of day 1 Miles's dream, to meet Mark Cavendish had come true.


Gus posted his picture over on Adelaide Cyclists as well. So now, thanks to the RocketFuel TDU Posse caps we're getting recognised on the streets of Adelaide and Miles is becoming a mini celebrity... something he really just doesn't understand.


I do have to say, Adelaide is a wonderful city for cycling (not that I am getting to do any). If you get a chance to come along to this event next year you really should. There's a great feel out on the streets and lots of fun.


Until next time....

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Comment by Susan on January 15, 2011 at 3:35pm
Miles you are a superstar!
Comment by Dan on January 15, 2011 at 3:49pm


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