Well it's a week down and on Friday despite the bad weather keeping me on my trainer rather than the hills I managed to lose 1.5kg and in general I'm feeling a lot better on the bike.
The diet is going really well, I'm very impressed with the quality of the food from the Diet Factory though I'm keeping an eye on my weight loss each day to make sure I don't lose too much, sitting on about 0.2kg per day at the moment. As I was thinking on the way back from Sunday's ride, there are two aspects to the power to weight ratio :)

On Sunday a few of the 1200kms for kids riders got together for a nice little run along the M7 bike path, 40kms out and back and luckily the weather wasn't nearly as cold as it has been over the last week so our ears didn't cop it too badly.
The ride was great, meeting some new friendly faces, giving it a nudge up the hills with some of the more enthusiastic, though I did notice my rear de-railer clicking over a bit on a couple of the lower gears.

After the ride I got dropped back home and headed immediately off to have a coffee at Epi D'or in Kirribilli owned by a friend of mine who is also a mad keen cyclist Dominique Callard. I also had the pleasure of letting Dom know there is a place for him on the ride which will make things interesting, Dom is one of those super fit people that have no body fat and do iron man competitions and triathlons for fun.

Following that I went up to my local bike store Cranks at north Sydney to look into the rear de-railer issue.
After much testing, measuring etc we found a series of nasty issues that ended up being very expensive.

First in January I had an accident that appears to have bent my rear de-railer hanger. That caused my chain to be out slightly and start wearing both the chain and the rear cassette leading me inexorably to having to replace both way ahead of time. The moral of the story is definitely get your bike serviced regularly.

So all in all the training is going well and people have started sponsoring me which is great, at least one of our number too (Thanx boxhead :).
The aim over the next couple of months is to get the weight down, the fitness up and reach my target of $15000 funds raised so if you have any advice, are happy to donate or know a company that is interested in sponsoring the ride get in touch.


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Comment by David Taylor on July 12, 2010 at 11:20pm
Hey Yogi, thanks, it's pretty much what I'm doing, just trying to get some nice long rides under my belt each week. To be honest the weight loss side of things is pretty well handled by my diet so more than anything I'm trying to balance training with calorie intake so I don't lose to much each day.


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