Was just ranting on Adelaidecyclists.com in the discussion Things that you see motorists do....

Anyway since im a bit restless and wrote this story that happened 11 or so years ago so i mayswell just cut and paste it on this blog.
I am definitely ashamed of what happened. Hopefully it can provide people with an opportunity to think about what they would do if they were ever in a similar situation (before it happens).

"I was once cycling down pirie street when i proceeded to pass a badly parked removalist truck out the front of 100 pirie.

The truck was blocking the bike lane and obscuring my vision from other parked cars up ahead. As i passed the truck a v6 commodore decided to do a burn out from the carpark infront and proceeded to accidently push me into oncoming traffic. I was forced to cross the road to avoid oncoming traffic and ended up dodging a couple of j-walking pedestrians as i temporarily cycled the wrong way up pirie street in the other door zone bike lane.

The motorists burnout was completely unwarranted as there was a red light at Pulteney street so traffic proceeded to slow to jogging pace anyway. I was enraged so i asked him what the f he thought he was doing? He turned and told me to f off and swerved at me as he accused us bike messenger pricks as being all over the road. Being on a bicycle i could easily out manouvre him. I challenged his manlyness for trying to run a cyclist down while he was in a car. He said allright as i turned left into hindmarsh square. So he pulled in to hindmarsh square and proceeded to get out of his car. I subtly cycled to the left of his vehicle to make sure he was facing west and used the two way radio to call to my mates who were on standby at hindmarsh square. He squared off and i proceeded to wonder why this little guy with a crooked nose wanted to fight a 6.2 90kg bike messenger. He pushed me and i dropped my bike, He then took a swing at me that luckily missed. By that time at least 8 bike messengers had run across the road to confront him. He poo'd in his pants and ran back to his car. At that time i cowardly snapped and pushed him in the back as he ran. He then proceeded to try and get in his car but i slammed the door on him (not as hard as i could have) and then when he got in the car i slapped him through the window.

That was about 11 years ago and i can remember never feeling so ashamed as i did then. Everyone watched it happen, friends at work, people on their lunch breaks and one of our biggest clients at 41 hindmarsh square RAA travel. It was a big mistake and if i had the opportunity again i would not have engaged in conversation with him.

About 6 months later my lower back, shoulders and flexibility started to feel really bad from riding a bike 40hours a week so i decided to take up thai boxing again. I trained for a week at this Gym until i got to do a session with the boxing coach (no kicking) it was the same guy that i got into the altercation with and he had a trophy cabinet full of nationalish type titles.

I was so lucky that he didn't put me in hospital."

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Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on December 26, 2009 at 8:24pm
Good story Doddsy. I here people say that if they had their life over again they wouldn't do anything differently. If I knew then what I know now there are situations like the one you describe that I'd love to handle better the 2nd time around.


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