Today my 1st day commuting to work by bike, train & ferry...

I work a 3 different sites, North Head, Georges Heights and Cockatoo Island.

For years I have been driving my fuel guzzling 3.8 litre Holden Commodore wagon from lidcombe to the above sites, and receiving 'account suspended' notices from the Roam e-tag company advising me that if I don't top up my account my e-tag account will be cancelled (did you know that those little notices, if you link them to you e-tag account it sometimes takes them up to 2 months to debit any outstanding fee's).

5 days ago I bought my 1st MTB, and today was my 1st day going to work without my car.........and it was a very nice change.

At 420am rode (flew) down to Lidcombe station and caught the 450am train to central platform 16, within 3 minutes train on platform 17 took me to Circular Quay.

Then in about 8 minutes I was on the ferry to Manly which is a 30 minute trip.

On the trains at that time of morning it's fantastic, hardly anyone around, ticket gates are unlocked, as if just for me....ready waiting for me to go by.

On the Ferry I was happy to find a bike rack where I could park my baby. I sat down and then noticed that, courtesy of ANZ bank there was a free Wifi hotspot above my head so out comes the iPhone and I kept myself busy until I got off at Manly.

It was raining. I only had about 2km to ride anyway, but up a mountain. I bought one of those black wolf back packs, and out of the ass end of it I pulled out this cute little water proof cover that wraps around the backpack. I got completely soaking wet but my backpack didn't. I need to invest in some wet weather gear.

I was concerned a bit about my commute back home after work thinking in peak hour the ferry and train would be packed but to my surprise it was a very smooth, hassle free journey, even though I did forget to buy a child ticket for my bike...

I almost don't need the bike when I'm working up at North Head (near Manly), but I am looking forward for my commute when Im working at Georges Heights. I'll be getting off at Milsons Point and I will ride through all the back streets, which I estimate to be a 30 minute cycle :-)

During all the cycling i've been doing I have been utilizing my $6 GPS app which I think is so good I think I will just purchase an iPhone cradle to place on the bar and use this app for tracking, speed and altitude, which is all I need anyway.

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Comment by Pete on July 28, 2010 at 9:02pm
that's the way to go!
Comment by timothy.clifford on July 28, 2010 at 9:07pm
You say you only need an iPhone cradle, but once that cycling accessory bugs strikes, and it will, you will find your self saying "that's all I need" quite a lot. And soon, without you even realising it, you are hooked. Enjoy it.
Comment by timothy.clifford on July 28, 2010 at 9:10pm
oh, and I saw this a couple of weeks/days ago. You might be interested.
Comment by Susan on July 28, 2010 at 9:25pm
great story way to go!

Also I didn't know about the free wifi on the Manly ferry that will my commutes that way better.
Comment by Littleteapot on July 28, 2010 at 9:28pm
That's one good looking cradle, and $20 cheaper than at cycle world. Thanks!
Comment by Colin on July 28, 2010 at 9:34pm
Bikes and ferries are a great fit. Ferry wharves tend to be a long walk from where you want to go, but usually only a short ride. And bikes are free on ferries. And ferries are fun and quite fast. In the past year I've commuted to Rhodes (via Meadowbank ferry wharf) and Rydalmere (via Rydalmere ferry wharf), and it's been far quicker and more pleasant to go bike/ferry/bike than to catch trains, even though the trains take me right to my destination.

Yet without a bike the ferry wouldn't be an option.


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