The VANMOOF model has evolved since its first incarnation in Holland in May 2009. This third model is more efficient and more durable. This is the model that won the 2009 Euro Bike Best Urban Bicycle in the World and Most Innovative Design of the Year Awards. It has been road-tested and style-trialled relentlessly and now succeeds in combining the very best that Dutch experience can offer. Like all the best products, there are of course more innovations to come, but this model is of such premium quality, and was receiving such positive feedback, that we couldn’t wait to bring it to Australia.


The VANMOOF has a striking aluminum rust-free frame with a highly advanced solar powered LED light system built inside its tubes. Flashing on automatically when dark, these indestructible lights are the same ones used for airport landing strips. Also chargeable with a telephone adapter, they are strong, effective and vandal-proof.

With three gear speeds, the bike is lightweight, making it easy to lift and fast to ride. The back-pedal coaster brake is great for the city, no more loose hanging cables and it is a safe and easy way to make a powerful stop. The sleek, broad handlebars and classic leather seat top-off the smooth, no-nonsense look of this ultimate urban commuter tool.

And all this for the friendly starting price of ($898,- single speed) ($998,- 3 gears).


· 28”or 26” anodized aluminium rims

· Alloy brushed frame

· Shimano coaster brake

· Shimano roller brake

· Shimano 3 speed Nexus

· Brooks B68 leather saddle

· Antirust stretch proof chain

· Weight 13kg

· Lights with micro USB charger and solar power.

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Comment by vanmoof urban bicycles on June 27, 2009 at 12:30am
Yes, VANMOOF will arrive in Australia 1 August!
We are a young ambitious Dutch company that originated out of love for bicycles and hunger for change. At VANMOOF we pursue only one goal: help the ambitious city dweller worldwide move around town fast, easy and in style. We stripped the traditional Dutch bike from redundant hoo-ha that can only break or frustrate and added innovation instead. The result? Simplistic striking bikes so smooth that they fit your demanding cool-factor and yet so functional they make you go to work whistling. The no-nonsense VANMOOF bike is unbreakable and the ultimate urban commuter tool. Be aware cause we shake the unshakable!
Comment by vanmoof urban bicycles on June 27, 2009 at 12:38am
term “neo-biker”, new bikers that have not ridden on a regular basis since they were kids. Maybe they have an entry level mtb hanging the garage or still have that 10 speed from the early 80’s lying around and want to start leaving the car behind for shorter trips or commuting to work because of the gas prices. Maybe they don’t own any bike and haven’t since they were 12. these non-enthusiasts are the estimated 20 million Astralians that are not considered active cyclists. the current bikes and messaging of the bike industry are not speaking to the needs and wants of this audience.
We need to be careful though to not overestimate what we (the industry) see as necessary to start riding. Helmet, shoes and gloves seem pretty reasonable to an enthusiast, but to the new biker who wants to just move around town, cost and a sense of style are very important potential roadblocks. Maybe just a bike and a lock to keep it simple and cheap.


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