What is it about riding and bloody phones?

A few weeks ago I went along Adderly Street Silverwater, when I found a fairly newish mobile phone. Fortunately it was not locked and I was able to ring "Home" and arranged for the son and daugher inlaw of the guy who lost it to come and pick it up. They were quite nice about it as their father had lost it while riding.
Today I was riding through Sydney Olympic Park and enjoying the ride when I came accross a cordless phone (Yes it was the one you use at home). There was still battery power in it but it needed to find a base to make a call. I handed it over to a security guard and told him where it was found.
I know there are some rides which wind up like the Wombles you just find all manner of things. On a few occasions I have found enough money to pay for coffee and lunch. But my bike seems to be a magnet for phones. Should I get sponsorship from Telstra, Vodaphone or Optus?

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Comment by Neil Alexander on April 11, 2009 at 11:11am
Wait until you find the next phone. Then call "3".


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