I had the strangest experience on Sunday while cycling along York Street in the city. I pulled up at a red light on the right side of a bus. As I sat there admiring sydney's architecture, I notice the bus creep forward next to me. The bus driver then started to speak to me as his window was now inline with me. He was worried about me getting sunburnt but I reassured him I was covered in sun screen from head to toe. After this conversation starter we proceeded have a nice little chat. He was even talking about how nice it was to cycle in the city.

The lights turned green and we headed off. With the bus to my left I was taking up a full lane as I normally do in the centre of Sydney. I didn't think anything of it until I heard an intense almost alarming beep from behind me. I turned to see a taxi. I tend to look at my bike to see if anything's fallen off in these situations as I like to assume that people only beep to warn me that something is wrong with my bike. The bus driver in the bus which was behind the bus driver I had been chatting to, told me to "just ignore them" and I did.

One hundred metres later, another red light. I ended up stopping next to the original bus driver and we looked at each other slightly bemused as to why the taxi was beeping. The guys in the taxi then got my attention to let me know they weren't beeping at me but the bus which had been to close to them. They were most apologetic. The bus driver in the second bus then starts having a bit of a confrontation with them from her window and I continue to chat to the driver and laugh a bit as I look back down the street at all these vehicles talking to each other.

I found the whole incident amusing from the way the bus driver creeped forward for a chat, to the very apologetic taxi. It almost felt like the vehicles on the road had personality rather than just being conveyors of people.

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Comment by Trevor on September 29, 2009 at 6:48pm
Ah, people interacting...nice.


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