Hey all


I just spent an all too short couple of days in Sydney for a wedding. We arrived Wednesday night and left Monday morning, I did have a bike with me but ended up too busy / tired to ride much. I did do the Waterfall ride on Sunday, more on that in a moment.


A couple of little points of reflection.


Cycleways and bikes!


Oh my god, whoever thought Sydney would start leading the way ? I don't know if you guys are noticing this because it's happening slowly, but the change over the last two years is nothing short of astounding.


Everywhere I went in the inner city I saw people on bikes. I saw people using the college st cycleway, not the hardened Sydney Cyclists that we all are, but normal people going places :) People that would have been driving / bussing / whatever were out and about on all sorts of bikes. I saw all the new bike based businesses and people riding along Bourke st. I saw lots of kids riding bikes by themselves without supervision (the HORROR!). Very cool. 


I really have to put a lot of this down to the work City of Sydney are doing on an advocacy front and an infrastructure front. It's the only thing that really explains it. I was somewhat skeptical 2 years ago, but the effects were very noticeable. Hats off!




Got my first swoop of the season on Sunday morning on Grand Parade while heading down to Waterfall, looks like he's already on the map. I saw another magpie sitting on the Cook's river path, didn't even bother moving as I approached. Tough buggers!


Speaking of waterfall, I did enjoy doing that ride again. Recognised some faces out on the road.


Also of note on Sunday, well done to all the wheelchair escorts in the marathon, I hear it was great fun again.


That's about all I've got for now... still exhausted :)

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Comment by Bill Parker on September 22, 2011 at 4:37am
As you point out the CoS work is as much about leadership, vision, advocacy and education as it is about infrastructure. While many people and organisations have had supporting roles it ALL really comes down to Clover Moore and many cyclists need to wake up to the fact that it would mostly stop without her, the change is not yet self sustaining. Clover and CoS are running into many headwinds from the usual collection of opponents including State government who don't want hervto look good leading up to council elections, now only 12 months away. Better put our money, support and bodies where our mouths/blogs are?
Comment by timothy.clifford on September 22, 2011 at 10:32pm

Got a flat on Bourke St this morning. Passed by stacks of riders in each direction. Then Clover Moore herself went past. She was walking her dog, but I was still impressed. Especially after seeing the Wiggles Big Red car go past on Bourke Rd earlier. 

Anyway, been noticing lots of young, primmary school kids riding to school of a morning. Both escorted and alone. Unfortunately saw one on one of these come off this evening. He was moving pretty quick too.

Comment by GW on September 23, 2011 at 9:01am
I agree.  I'm not riding at the moment due to illness, but seeing bikes everywhere, and really encouraged.  It is s l o w l y becoming more part of the Sydney landscape.  Well done to everyone for hanging in there, keeping going, and gathering more riders!
Comment by sydneyCommuter on September 24, 2011 at 10:22am

Interesting observations Damian.  On my commute, I notice more and more young people cycling on an upright bicycle at low speeds through the inner city.  It seems to be fashionable.

The City of Sydney deserves a lot of credit for this renaissance, as the bike paths invite people to cycle and make cycling feel safer for the newbies.

Let's hope the trend continues.


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