Who was the cyclist doing 60 down Parramatta Road today?

I was driving through Burwood on Parramatta Road today when I came level with a cyclist on a red and blue Orbea flat barred road bike, maybe a 29er. It was an exotic looking machine with what looked like front suspension. The rider was a slight dark complexioned fellow, possibly of Indian or Sri Lankan extraction. Anyway, he was doing close to 60 when I drew level, and sitting on about 50 on a fairly flat section of road, slowing down briefly on the rises. He kept up with me for a couple of km and passed me again when I slowed in some traffic approaching the Frederick St intersection.

The other noticeable thing on my drive was the maniacal driving of courier vans, several from the one company, speeding, tailgating and cutting in and out. What's with these types? Everyone else was just cruising near or a little below the speed limit and traffic was flowing nicely, no need to drive erratically. They all ended up waiting at the traffic lights, gained nothing by tailgating. Luckily they all seemed to pass the cyclist safely, but they weren't slowing down at all.

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Comment by Doddsy on July 12, 2010 at 10:13pm
Not me, i was doing 70
Comment by Neil Alexander on July 17, 2010 at 3:48pm


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