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At 6:44am on April 13, 2010, Robert Harris said…
Martin Geliot replied to Super Si's discussion 'Beware spammers and scammers writing comments on your profile' 2 hours ago.

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Martin Geliot replied to Jason's discussion 'sad sad day' 10 hours ago.

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Martin, don't you ever sleep?
At 6:12am on August 23, 2010, Littleteapot said…
Thanks Martin, there is the problem then. There was a time where I though WD40 was the cure for all things mechanical, I would spray it on locks, hinges, belts, chains whatever wasn't working I'd spray WD40 on it and it would fix the problem momentarily, and then things would start to clog up, and stop working. It definitely kept the water dispersed though.

I can put a computer together (it's like lego really), but I'm not really mechanically minded. I have started paying attention to the mechanics of the bicycle and one day would like to build by own, purchasing the parts separately. That would be the best way to learn I think and along the way learn how to maintain it.

As well as reading the forums, I think there invaluable, better than buying a book on how to do things for $50.
At 3:27pm on September 18, 2010, Russ W said…
Hi Martin,
Great to hear from you ...... well, probably every day with your great input into SC.
We received the PricewaterhouseCoopers /SKM study yesterday afternoon ...... it appears to be a huge disappointment. We'll need to get professionals to proivide input, but the study says the northern half might be undertaken by 2015, and the remainder possibly by 2026. I can't believe they'd be so stupid to have a gap of 11 years. With the RTA providing the major funding ($93,037) for the study, it's clear they are requiring PwC to fit in with the pathetic allocation of $158M over 10 years specified in the new NSW Bikeplan ..... what a disaster! By contrast, the RTA is about to spend $4M on the PacHwy/Mowbray Rd intersection, including an exclusive left turn lane from Mowb into PH (N-bound) with no bike storage facility ..... cyclists will be very exposed. By contrast, such treatments are largely standard in Melbourne. I've decided to try to get lawyers involved ..... perhaps we can take the RTA to court??? Are you still in Euro / Germany? If so, very lucky! Cheers, Russ ....
At 10:05am on November 1, 2010, Bill Parker said…
Happy Birthday Martin
At 2:55pm on February 3, 2011, dr bean said…

Martin, I'm confused - I thought you lived in Heidelberg (and I don't mean the one in Melb) - at least that's what your profile says!!


I'm in Collingwood St, just opposite Raglan St. I ride from there to USyd a couple of times a week and barely ever do weekend rides because I'm busy Sunday morning (so can't do LBUG stuff) and do enough riding on my own - any group/other rides you know about that I'm free for I'm happy to tag along for!




At 11:43am on February 4, 2011, dr bean said…

Hey Martin - I'm not terribly well-placed to spend whole days in the mountains but sthg local would be terrific - for instance, was just reading in CoS cycling newsletter about the Greenway; I'd love to give that a go sometime!


Cheers - apparently we get some cooler weather on Sun/Mon... can't wait!!

At 7:19pm on February 4, 2011, dr bean said…

I might have to pass this week, Martin, but - soon (I have house guests all week).


Happy weekend riding!


At 1:15pm on February 7, 2011, dr bean said…

Hi Martin - sounds bloody brilliant! What days generally suit you best?


I can do Sundays, but not until the afternoon. Any Saturday, by prior arrangement. :-)


It'd be great to have an excuse to finally meet some of these SC people whose comments I keep reading...

At 12:49pm on February 28, 2011, dr bean said…

Hi Martin,


Are you around in Syd/going to the safe cycling rally on March 12?


I'm thinking of getting the ferry over from Drummoyne to the northside (call me lazy or unfit, but I don't want to be buggered before I even start!) for 8am.


Oh, and speaking of excuses to meet SC people - are you going to the 3000-SC-members party at the end of March?




At 5:19pm on February 28, 2011, Sit Ubu Sit said…

Hi Martin,


I thought this article might be of interest in relation to the Ch-Ch quake, in terms of the building standards discussion we were having the other day. I was thinking today that there are still many 100+ year old buildings still standing (either completely or sufficiently to be repared), and only a couple of new ones that came down after two significant shakes and 5000+ aftershocks over 6 months. I really hope we've seen the worst of them though!



At 11:45am on March 1, 2011, dr bean said…

Hi Martin,


Brilliant! Much as I'm happy to ride alone, company is good - plus strength in numbers and all that.


I don't have my ferry timetable on me right now, but 131500 website seems to show that ferries don't leave Drummoyne, going into town, until later on a Saturday:


IIRC, the mtg time was at 8am at N. Syd, but I daresay that'll be for geeing up and speeches so doesn't represent a departure - more an arrival - time.


Will check hardcopy timetable and get back to you...




At 11:59am on March 3, 2011, dr bean said…

Yeah, that sounds good. :-) I didn't really want to arrive looking like a sweat-ball - maybe I'm still unfit, but the trip from Drummoyne to USyd (turning across the CityWest Link, whereas into the city you'd continue onto the Anzac Bridge) I find quite hard work - but this may be our best option.


So, Miller's Point 8am start - what time do you think we'd need to be at SHB? Who do we ask (Adam?)?

At 11:39am on March 8, 2011, dr bean said…
Hi Martin,

That sounds like a plan, man. :-)

Adam has posted a running order (with times) for Sat morning at the bottom of the 'rally for safe cycling' thread that's been running on the site for months now: it shows a meet-up at N. Sydney at 8am, northern end of Harbour Bridge at 8.25am and the whole thing finishing at 10.25am. After this I like to presume that food and drink will be on the schedule. :-)

So... assuming we aim for southern end of SHB (surely there'll need to be marshalls there for a gazillion cyclists trying to take on that narrow path at speed?), given that the event WON'T run to time - what do you say: 8.45am? So leave Wolseley and Collingwood at - 7.45am?

Sheesh, that's bloody early for a Saturday. This had better be worth it. :-)

At 7:42am on March 11, 2011, dr bean said…

Coolness! So, had we 'agreed' on a 7.45am (am? good grief :-) meet-up at Wolseley and Collingwood?


Hey, at least I don't have to go far to get there...


See you tomorrow!

At 8:43am on March 11, 2011, dr bean said…

PS - a huge, stupid favour: I leave my bike lock here at uni, and was going to pick it up today... but I've left my key *at home*. I don't suppose you've a spare lock you can bring tomorrow that I can use, and then return to you next week (should be easy enough, we are neighbours after all!).


Lesson learnt: leave ONE key at uni, carry ONE home. Duh! 


Thanks - and if not, my fault... Michelle :-)

At 2:33pm on March 11, 2011, dr bean said…

Pure Cycling Genius all round!! Let's just hope the rain holds off (I am a wuss about such things...)


BTW, I should be obvious, but - I ride a daggy old British Eagle (the Beagle, as I call it), and dress even more daggily. See you tomorrow!

At 6:05pm on March 13, 2011, dr bean said…

I WISH there was time for hiking (although I am much too lazy to be into such things as a rule)!! - it's mostly meetings, but I've tacked on days at either end, and at the very least there will be heavy chocolate consumption: I have the tour of inner Geneva *all planned*.


Yes, I should be staying longer! - but if I drop dead next week, at least I can say I went at all...


How did your, I mean your son's, design project go? (It's OK, my mother did all my high school art assignments - got good marks for them, too. :-)

At 12:34pm on March 14, 2011, dr bean said…

Re the next quake: hopefully NOT in Geneva during the next week!! (Or in Sydney: I'm painting, damnit - it would be hell to have to do all that again... :-)


Japan and CHC are both on (opposite edges of) the Pacific plate. Whether that means there is any connection, who knows? - I wonder what we can actually claim to know about the mechanics of techtonic plates... However, it seems to me that earthquakes do seem to come in clusters, but that could just be some kind of observational bias on my part!


Looked up those places you mentioned on Lake Geneva: I love the fact that they are c. 50kms away (a lazy dawdle, from an Australian perspective), but in another country... :-)



At 2:11pm on March 14, 2011, dr bean said…

I have a copy of 'Switzerland for Beginners', by George Mikes, given to me quite a few years ago and a very enjoyable read; naturally, now I *need* it I can't actually find it.


Oh well, I guess I'll just have to content myself with never getting to the 'advanced' level, and just eat more chocolate...


I get far too excited at the prospect of crossing a land border requiring a passport - a consequence of growing up in a place that doesn't require one to get anywhere!

At 7:52am on March 20, 2011, dr bean said…

Vraiment, c'est geniale (and *completely* f^$%ing freezing right now!)...

Chocolate! Plenty. Fine. Thanks. :-) I've visited many of the smaller retailers (some planned, a few I stumbled across), and picked up a few bars of Lindt in flavours I had never seen before (grenadine and chilli, anyone?).

I'm not very across the news at present - but I had my interviewee at ICRC cancel because of Libya, and I have this funny feeling my WHO contact might do the same (mind you, he almost never answers his email so there's no way of knowing until I phone him). How nice to be able to give such Important Reasons for one's lack of communication!


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