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At 7:52am on March 27, 2011, dr bean said…
Hey there! Did I not mention the idiotic brevity of my trip?- I got back on Weds night. (Gee, it's good to know you don't leave much of a carbon footprint when you fly so much... :-) Geneva was brilliant: French. Chocolate. Some excellent meetings. Great people. Cold weather. (OK, maybe not that last one...) I'm sorry my time was so limited!

It's been a big week for sure; off home now to see what kind of bloodbath the election has been and see what brand of crazies will be running the Upper House asylum!

Sorry to hear abt Lewis... sometimes 19 is too young to know What You Really Want To Do With Yr Life, but I'm sure he'll have good guidance - and figure it out eventually!
At 3:46pm on March 28, 2011, dr bean said…

Hey there,


I has been thinking about Thursday night. Unless you have some good reason for going there under your own steam (which would be totally fine!), how would you like to meet me at USyd somewhere for a ride to Alexandria? I've had a look at a map, and realised I know where the Hotel is - stupidly close to campus. We'd need to work out a route back (through city? back in USyd direction?) but could do that later, since we have transport...


What do you think?


Also, what kind of chocolate do you eat? I have some spare from my little jaunt... :-)

At 12:43pm on May 7, 2012, Dabba said…

G'day Martin,

From some of your recent posts it appears that you may be pursuing police lack of interest in all things cycling.  If that's the case, I'd be interested in details of any outcomes that you obtain.


At 7:23am on December 10, 2012, Dabba said…

Not cycling related Martin, but I thought that you might appreciate the skill in this.  Shows you don't need a big runway - just big balls!

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