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At 9:01am on November 9, 2007, Richard said…
Hi Fiona, welcome to the fray. Some interesting things on the site already!
At 10:11am on November 9, 2007, DamianM said…
Hi Fiona
Welcome to the site, it's great to have you as a member here.
At 8:54pm on December 5, 2007, Geoff M said…
Hi Fiona, took you awhile to find us........welcome aboard
At 7:07am on February 4, 2008, Tony Ascenso said…
Hi Fiona,
The M7 cycleway is a great facility. It isn't flat and one needs a reasonable level of fitness to go from end to end. My favourite ride is from home (3-5Kms to the cycleway) to Preston and back, that's 55-60Kms, with some challenging hills on the way back. I believe the venue is getting more and more popular, it's difficult to say, I would still like to see it busier. You see primarily cyclists and walkers on their own or with dogs (danger, danger, especially as some people walk their dogs unleashed!!). Don't know about commuting, sharing the cycleway with pedestrians is not a problem, one has to be on notice with the dogs. I have had a few close encounters. John H is right about Rob K. Rob can be your main source of data/info re cycling in (especially) western Sydney.
At 8:40pm on February 4, 2008, RobK said…
Hi Fiona,
Brief (!) take on my view of the M7:
- Commuting: I think as you were quoted saying in response to the NRMA comments a few weeks back, shared paths are built where convenient, not where needed. (Sorry, probably a bit of a paraphrase there...). A large part of the M7 basically heads north-south, where as a large chunk of the population heads east-west on a daily basis. It passes close to Rooty Hill Railway station, but no others. (Seven Hills in the north & GIenfield in the south within 5 kms or so). It passes close to the developing industrial estate at Eastern Ck.
I know of one lady who regularly commutes from Kings Langley to Penrith (via M7 shared path & M4 shoulder). I know of another guy who rides some days to Rooty Hill station from further north. I just noticed today that extra bike lockers have been installed at the station, so maybe more people are using the path?
- Recreation - It's a fantastic facility. North of Rooty Hill, a number of pedestrians (incl with dogs) use the path, particularly in the evenings. Also kids on bikes, scooters etc. This section can be seen as a dodgem course by some cyclists. The section south of Rooty Hill doesn't see nearly as many pedestrians, as it's further away from houses. A few joggers and keener walkers, but mainly cyclists. The path is quite busy on weekend mornings. Probably a few more out on Sunday than Saturday. Both individuals and groups - MTB, roadies, beginners. I've ridden from the south on a hot weekend afternoon and seen no-one else. Normally you'd pass a few people in the afternoon though. As the whole route is lit, I've seen groups of cyclists up until around 10pm.
The more serious riders would do the complete length. Other riders stop at the M4 overpass or Elizabeth Dr and turn around.
One of the important functions of the path is good linkages. There has been great shared path infrastructure in the Fairfield area for a few years, but we had no safe way of getting there (from Rooty Hill). We do now. A few other good linkages have recently been built (or half built).
A lot of the more serious cyclists/roadies don't like the path - preferring to stick to the road shoulder - Not as many hills or obstacles to dodge. I've heard of some doing one direction on the shared path, then doing the return leg on the road shoulder.
Hope this has given you some picture! I think the path's usage is slowly growing. As more development happens along the route, particularly in the south, I think usage will continue to grow.
Do others agree with these comments/observations?
At 10:04pm on June 25, 2008, noelbike said…
hi bike saint - what a nice name you have!

hey - the footpath coming down to Kent St from where I saw you last week... could that be designated "shared" as I don't think it is and as you know it is mainly used by bikes.

Also, the Glebe Point Rd/ Bridge Road intersection - it has had road works for many months. They will eventually finish. But in the meantime the bikes coming toward the city are going fast at that point and it is quite dangerous. Perhaps worth a look. I am pretty concerned about it.

Kim and I just spent 2 weeks riding in Turkey together.... it was great
At 4:16pm on November 2, 2008, Paul Johnson said…
Hi Fiona,

I'd just got used to you working for the City of Sydney, now you've changed career again and taken up modelling on the catwalk at the fashion show!
At 10:55pm on November 2, 2008, Lis Bastian said…
Thanks so much Fiona - I'll make sure I'm at the NRMA AGM anyway - especially after they were on the ABC news last night saying they supported cycleways .... time to hold them to it.
At 5:45am on December 31, 2008, Ahmad said…
Hi BikeSaint,
Not very practical in Capital (Tehran) but usual in small cities.
Could you please help me with these questions?
1- How long does it take from sydney to wollongong by train?
2- can I take my bike?
At 6:02pm on January 4, 2009, paragon said…
ehy fiona ; happy new year and all that good stuff ! just checking that santa brought your bike-bus friend (with the ill fitting helmet that i was concerned about) what she wished for. still have a spare one for her if she needs it. ta. paragon
At 5:12pm on February 21, 2009, Susan said…

If your friend ever comes across vintage fabrics I'd be interested as I collect them to use for my own projects.


At 9:06pm on May 29, 2009, Dabba said…
G'day Fiona. Just in case you didn't see it, I thought I'd better draw your attention to this as I think that it is your work. Hope that you don't mind. Hopefully we will get more informative posts like John H's as time goes on.
At 8:05am on July 22, 2009, Rodney Keg said…
Hi, my old page does not want to open. When i logged on I can up as a new member. I have no idea what's gong on. How are you. How was your holiday? Still in London and have just purchased my first Brompton - oh what fun in go fast red! I got it via the cyclescheme via my employer so its a good deal. Keep in touch. Also, I sent another bundle of stuff to your work address hope you got it. If there is any material that might be of use to Eleana, please pass it on to her. I hope to host her while she is in Europe. Take care!!
At 2:38pm on August 30, 2009, Michael O'Reilly said…
Hi Saintly Fiona,

Sorry to have taken time to pen you a note, I hit the ground running and it was only when I delved into my spare room with a half-unpacked backpack spilling its guts on the ground that I realised, "I haven't contacted Fiona about her bike bag".

Bike bag was a LIFESAVER, really. I ditched the cardboard box with a friend in Zurich and then houssed my way through Switzerland and France. SO much easier to walk a distance with bag on shoulder, and not one train or metro official gave me a hard time about it.

Also, fork spacer I'm sure saved my bike from (further) damage when Singapore airlines decided to ignore the "Fragile" stickers on the bike box on the trip home, and laid the box on its side before loading heavy items on top of it. Rear wheel was horribly kinked and will never be the same again. Grrr....

Anyhoo let me know when it's convenient for me to return the housse ...

Michael O'
At 9:34am on August 31, 2009, Matt_D said…
allo Sister Saint,
Yes I'm back in town & looking to slot back in for some rides with BikeSydney. First cab off the rank will be a full moon ride to Bronte this friday evening (4th). I understand some (well-heeled) hippies will be having a fire-twirlin' party in the park. May also do some pagan-scouting in Centennial.
See you at drinks tomorrow eve.
At 9:04am on October 20, 2009, Unity Finesmith said…
Hi Fiona
It's not Barb, my real name is Jenny but I blog as Unity Finesmith so tend to answer to either Unity or Jenny. Barb is a friend of mine and is part of Cycle Action Auckland and also sometimes helps out a bit with Frocks on Bikes. Can I ask why you thought that I was Barb?
At 7:28am on October 21, 2009, Unity Finesmith said…
Hey no problem. It's really good to make contacts 'across the ditch' and I'm always very interested to see what you guys are doing over there as you seem to be much further ahead with bicycle infrastructure etc. than we are. You also have the same helmet law that has decimated cycling numbers so it's good to see what 'big brother' is doing!
At 3:10am on May 6, 2010, meaghan said…
Thanks for your compliments! It is important to me that people take away a positive message that encourages more cycling, while acknowledging the truth that ghost bicycles are a necessary part of the grieving process. They can be symbols of a community rallying for change.

Thanks for the welcome to the forum... I hope to one day soon visit Sydney. A friend of mine was recently married there, and I hear nothing but lovely things.
At 9:06am on September 18, 2010, Ma Dame Vélo said…
Thanks Fiona! You're up early reading SC.....enjoy this beautiful weather even if it isn't your birthday. :-)
At 1:28pm on January 5, 2011, Rob Berry said…
Hey there, thanks for the message :) Hopefully a bit of birthday money can get me over the line for a new bike - since Ride to Work Day Fiona and I have been riding a whole lot, and the BMX I used to ride to school on a decade ago really isn't cutting it (particularly when I'm next to Fiona on her shiny new one)! I'm sure we will continue to bump into each other on the road, always good to see a familiar face :)

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